At Lilac Realty, we strongly believe in pouring back into the community we serve.  It is with great honor that we congratulate our realtor, Lesley Faulkner in connecting the nonprofit Furnish for Good with Canopy Housing Foundation’s community grant program.  Each year CHF provides financial support to local nonprofit organizations that have unmet housing needs in and around the greater Charlotte area. Launched in 2009, the program awards funds annually to area nonprofits. Applications are rated according to community impact, project feasibility, fiscal strength and Realtor® support. 

We are excited to know that the simple act of one referral has led to a connection that will positively impact the lives of several families in need. 

Furnish for Good’s mission is to help individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness, poverty, and other dire circumstances through the effective reuse of quality furniture and household donations.  Furnish for Good (FFG) was granted $1,500 to help aid in moving expenses.  Each move costs roughly $100 dollars per client with this grant award FFG will be able to move 15 families into their new homes.  



Why is this award so important to FFG clients? 

Many FFG recipients do not have reliable transportation, are financially stretched due to all the fees associated with acquiring housing, and may not meet the required qualifications needed to rent a motor vehicle i.e. car insurance and/or a drivers license.  

 Through intensive research committee members of FFG have found that moving the furnished items was an essential part in providing families with an empowered experience.  All items will be moved by FFG local moving partner, Moovrs – the ripple effect this referral has provided is truly profound.   A connected community is the greatest award.


To learn more on how you can get involved, click here 

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